Do you want to build trust and influence on social media? Wondering how to tap into social proof? Social proof lets you leverage consumer behavior and feedback to give customers a more authentic perspective of your business.


1.    Team Up With Influencers
Authoritative figures in your industry who have established reputations with your customers make them the perfect people to help you build social proof. According to a recent Twitter study, 40% of Twitter users say that they’ve made a purchase as a direct result of a tweet from an influencer such as a celebrity or blogger. For example, David Beckham often posts about his fashion line at H&M, increasing exposure and directing customers to the company’s website.


2.    Highlight Your Customer Service Track Record
As much as we’d love to impress every customer we have, there are times when customers have complaints or need help, and social media is the perfect tool for them to voice their concerns. Social proof is one way to demonstrate that your company is committed to customer care.


3.    Add the “Message Now” Badge to Your Facebook Page
The Message Now badge appears on the left side of your Facebook business page, telling visitors how quickly you reply to messages. The quicker your average reply time, the more impressive the badge will look on your page.


4.    Get Verified Badges for Your Accounts
A verified badge sends the message that you’re a reliable business, and you can get one on most social platforms including Twitter and Facebook. What used to be a feature limited to accounts with hundreds of thousands of followers is now an option for any business. To verify your Twitter account, make sure you have some basic information on your account, including a verified phone number, email address, bio, photo, and website.