Ads Placement Strategy

Production is in our DNA. We have 6 years of combined life experience, and probably as much in service production. We know Digital Marketing area better than anyone and are now the largest stills and motion Digital Marketing Agency in Bandung

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Social Advertising & Influencer

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Progammatic Marketing

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Google Ads

We use Google Ads to offer a more integrated marketing and remarketing services which allows us to retarget audiences
who have expressed interest in their offering by visiting their website or that of their competitors.

Social Adv & Influencer

Our professional team select the right influencer to reach our clients’ target audience, build trust, and drive engagement. They will create original, engaging content that is
in line with our client (rather than following a template advertising style provided by a brand).

Progammatic Marketing

By applying programmatic marketing, we help clients to open up a series of opportunities. We use programmatic to procure digital media without having to pre-negotiate
a price, so our clients only pay for the relevant impression that they actually receive.


No matter the size, budget or brand gravitas, we accomplish every aspect, every time. It's what we do.