Before creating digital marketing content to support brand awareness, it's good to first consider some things. One of them is to research and determine what strategies that are suitable in increasing brand awareness. Then after creating content, you must know how to measure brand awareness? There are 4 main indicators that can be used to measure brand awareness. Discover more here.

1. Survey

You can do survey via email, website, or telephone. You also can ask people / customers about how familiar they are with your brand. It can help you to give you an understanding of how people recognize brands. In addition, it can provide information on the number of people who can remember your brand.

2. Brand Mention

How often is a brand mentioned online? Tracking it this way can measure how familiar and frequently used brands are in everyday life. If a brand has a unique name, tracking it will be easier. There are several tools that can be used, namely Google Alert that can be used for free. Just type what you want to track, then click create.

3. Branded Search

You can track Branded Search easily through keywords that are visible on traffic on Google Analytic. In addition, you can also use Google Trends. Just enter the brand name you want to track in the 'Search' box and select the appropriate filters. Here you can see how much a search increase from a brand.

4. Social Media Reach

Another indicator is the range of content that posted on social media. This method can measure the success of brand campaign There are several sites that can help you to measure brand awareness, one of which is through Shared Count. On that site, you can analyze how many shares and likes of a url.